2024 Collaborative Calendar


A 2024 calendar, featuring a different artist for each month!

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This is the first annual Short Stack Press Collaborative Calendar!

  • This 2024 calendar features original work from 13 artists, writers, and makers.
  • It is 9 1/2″ x 11″ on recycled paper.
  • Each unique page is letterpress printed at Short Stack Press using the Vandercook SP 15 proof press by Ida and the calendar artists.
  • Limited print run of 300 calendars. They will be sold on this website and in a few handpicked physical retail locations.
  • Limited run also means none of the pages will be reprinted individually. After the year is over you can cut apart your calendar and have 13 original prints!
  • Calendars will be available Nov 1st, 2023. They can be shipped or picked up in Goshen, Indiana.
A calendar is meant to be used. It is art, and it is also accessible. Printmaking has historically been about communication and art being enjoyed by all regardless of financial accessibility. With this calendar I wanted to bring artists into the studio and give them room to play, to try something new, and then share the results in a very practical form. Given the very broad guidelines of a month and a paper size, each artist brought a very different vision. Everyone came into the studio for a day to approve colors and spend time on the press itself, hands on paper and ink. Those presses are magical… seeing people get to see their first print and watching ten other project ideas take shape? That’s what I wanted.
And now we get to share the results with you!

Artists, writers, and makers featured in this calendar are:

Kate Friesen (Goshen, IN)
Jess Sprunger (Portland, OR)
Ramiro Rodriguez (South Bend, IN)
Peter Miller (Goshen, IN)
Laurel Woodward-Breckbill (Newton, KS)
Jessica Baldanzi (Goshen, IN)
Joe Segura (South Bend, IN)
Brooke Rothshank (Goshen, IN)
Georgia Geis (Munster, IN)
Rachel Shenk (Goshen, IN)
Rachel Welling (South Bend, IN)
Jasmine Wall (Goshen, IN)
Ida Short (Goshen, IN)