Short Stack Press is a letterpress studio housing 8 printing presses and 1 dangerous paper cutter. Focused on unique, illustrative designs, founder Ida Short works with clients and collaborates with artists, writers, and other silly folks to bring ideas to life. Ida is passionate about every step of the process to reach the final product of beautiful ink printed on beautiful paper. While Short Stack Press works hard to keep things in the studio moving along, the process is slower than a getting a digital print done.

Ida Short co founded the Goshen Printmakers Guild, which has regular workshops to share the joy of letterpress as well as a membership model to use studio space and equipment. If you live in the Goshen area and are interested in becoming a member of the Goshen Printmakers Guild or taking a workshop, check out their website here!

Focused on caring for community and keeping the letterpress craft alive, Short Stack Press practices environmentally friendly cleanup routines, uses recycled paper, and shows each kid that enters the shop how to use the perforator.